Good March


People think that a good march is the one for freedom or the one against poverty. Other people say that in March it should be already spring and not rain or snow. People have general perception about March, that you couldn’t contradict. Despite the bad weather, or the fact that hungarians marched yesterday for their freedom, I’m having a “Good March”. It’s quite fun when u realise that you aren’t all the time effected by the exterior, but the effects exterior makes on you. That’s a part of things that start to give life a meaning, and the fact that your interior march is going not for freedom or against poverty,but for a kiss.. A Kiss? you may know the song “a kiss to remember”. it’s not the death kiss, but a kiss that you like and  want to feel…a kiss that marches all around you:)

A march can be defined as a force to march; “The Japanese marched their prisoners through Manchuria” as it is written here. What can be forced in things going natural ahead? If you’re starting to feel good, things couldn’t be forced to feel good.

We can find many interpretations of the world march, but my good march isn’t a marched for freedom or the month in which i’m feeling good, but yet a person that stands behind a name. This person which i from now on call Ioana is My Good March and i owe her some recognition for the smile she brings me and for making my days nicer:)

And yet now….if it’s going to be a Good April, a Good May and so on…the good feeling will become general and natural and I know it will simply feel better and better;;)


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